Rancent Ethernet Over Fiber Solution Covers Commercial, Industrial, POE and Managed Media Converters and Network Switches.


    Rancent Standard or Tailored Video Over Fiber Solution Enables Multi-channel Transmission of Video, Audio, Data, Contact Closure.


    Rancent SDI//HDMI/DVI Fiber Optic Systems Extend the Connectivity of Video, Data and Voice for Special Broadcast Applications.

RC-V8TR-HD Enables 8-Channel HD-CVI/TVI/AHD Video Transmission over Single Fiber

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Rancent Technologies - Delivering High-Performing and Cost-Effective Fiber Connectivity Solution

Rancent Technologies is a premier and reliable supplier for high-quality and cost-effective transmission products and solutions of video, audio data, contact closure and Ethernet for mission critical applications in a wide variety of industries such as security, ITS, energy, industrial, broadcast and education. For over 15 years, Rancent has been trusted to deliver superior communication solutions to global customers based on innovative optical fiber technology.

Rancent’s connectivity solutions include both the analog and HD video transmission for tranditional CCTV applications and the fiber optic Ethernet transmission for IP Surveillance. The traditional solution is focused on the point-to-point fiber optic transmission of video, audio, data and contact closure over multimode or singlemode fiber. And Rancent Ethernet network solutions cover a full range of industrial media converters and network switches ranging from fast to gigabit Ethernet designed to transmit IP cameras and PTZs in tough environments.

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