Education Industry

Schools and universities around the world are discovering the value of digital transformation in education—reducing costs while enabling students and educators to connect, create, and share on any device. By connecting every facet of campus facilities, applications and systems, institutions can transform their traditional campus into a safer, smarter, and more cost-efficient learning environment.

Every successful smart campus initiative requires a robust, intelligent network to serve as its foundation. With ever increasing number of students attending schools, universities and other education establishments, the increase demand to establish a sophisticated and reliable campus educational network has never been greater. Not only does the network control security and alarm systems to ensure a secured and serene learning environment, it also manages campus broadcast system, video/audio teaching system as well as environmental systems such as heating and air-conditioning. Depending on this intelligent campus network which provides fast, secure, reliable connectivity to a multitude of applications, devices and resources, institutions can realize smart campus goals such as engaging and educating, ensuring safety, reducing operating costs and increasing revenue.

Rancent supports this industry with products utilized for the transmission of high quality video, audio, serial data and Ethernet for campus multi-task management system. As an integral part of campus security and protection solution, Rancent video and data fiber optic converters are used in various education institutions for the transmission of CCTV video for surveillance and data for PTZ control. Rancent video over fiber solutions provide the capability to collect and transmit multiple channels of analog or IP camera feeds deployed at the campus gate, perimeter and public areas over one core fiber to the control center to enable real-time and close-up monitoring and PTZ control. And with audio feature for bi-directional voice communication, the video and audio over fiber solutions are also utilized in the applications such as campus remote interactive teaching system and inter-campus video conferences.

Meantime, Rancent also offers a wide product line of audio and contact closure over fiber solutions which are used in applications such as campus broadcast system and intrusion detection system which are integrated into the intelligent campus multi-application platform. Rancent industrial and commercial media converters and Ethernet switches are also actively involved to facilitate the communication between the deployed automation equipments and campus control center. Most of these products offered are environmentally hardened for deployment in harsh out-of-plant operating environments.

Typical applications in campus educational system include:

  • CCTV Video Surveillance (School Gate, Parking Lots, School Buildings, Public Areas, Office Areas, Sports Facilities, Campus Perimeter)

  • Campus Broadcasting System (News & Events Broadcasting, Student-run Radio Program, Emergency Notification)

  • Campus Alarm System (Intrusion Detection Alarm System, Fire Alarm System)

  • Automation Control System (Gate Control, Office Building Access Control, Students and Faculty Attendance System, Heating, Air-conditioning)