ITS and Traffic Industry

Modern ITS technology, including traffic signalization networks, variable message signs (VMS), speed detection, automated toll collection, license plate recognition, emergency call boxes, video surveillance and camera controls, is designed to improve traffic management and transportation safety. Effectively deploying this technology demands a reliable, robust transmission infrastructure for communication to the central traffic management center.

With over 15 years’ experience developing and implementing advanced fiber and network connectivity technology, Rancent delivers leading transmission solutions for optimal video and traffic signalization of ITS applications including subways, railways, motorways, tunnels and airports.

Rancent offers an extensive line of transmitters and receivers featuring in-field configuration flexibility and scalability, designed specifically for ITS applications. A comprehensive portfolio of video and data transceivers, network switches, and media converters offers robust performance and complete flexibility to meet all your current and future transmission needs.

Rancent industrial-grade network products are designed and tested to operate in a wide temperature range of -40oC ~ 80oC. These products are design to meet the industrial standards of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and voltage transient protection to operate under most severe conditions.

Typical applications and solutions for ITS industry include:

Roadside CCTV Surveillance

Rancent offers an extensive selection of digital fiber optic transmission options including point-to-point multi-channel video/data multiplexers or 100/1000M media converters to extend the copper HD cameras over 20-100KM from roadside back to transmission station over single mode fiber. Normally when migrating from an analog to an IP-based traffic system, the 100/1000Mmedia converters offer a simple, cost-effective solution by collecting IP camera images along the highway or motorway and transmit them all back to the network command station over 20KM or longer single fiber.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Electronic Variable Message Signs (VMS) have become a familiar sight on the arterial roads throughout many countries. VMS provides traffic management professionals with a reliable, fast, and effective means of communicating important traffic information to motorists. A wide range of details such as road conditions ahead, travel times, road construction details, accident information and AMBER Alert messages, can be displayed - all in real-time. This information, when relayed to motorists helps to reduce congestion and keep traffic moving efficiently and safely.

Rancent products for these applications include serial data (RS-485/RS-422/RS-232) point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, drop and repeat and self-healing ring/full duplex transmission equipment. 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet media converters, managed and unmanaged switches are also actively involved in accessing Variable Message Signs and managing traffic signalization networks from remote traffic management centers.