Broadcast Industry

The Radio & Television Broadcasting and Motion Picture Industry has experienced massive changes with the worldwide deployment of industrial Ethernet-based communication networks. Meanwhile, to greatly improve the experience of the consumers, most broadcast companies are constantly optimizing and upgrading their network infrastructure to deliver the contents with good picture and sound quality while enabling fast download and reliable streaming.

In modern television and broadcast applications such as a television network displays remote live camera feeds during a live sports event or a radio station needs to operate a remote PTZ camera from a studio mixing desk during a traffic radio program, reliable connectivity is essential for the control and distribution of content. The entire broadcast creation process from data-capture and compilation to editing and circulation requires reliable connectivity devices during multiple stages of production to ensure seamless communications between broadcast stations and studios.

Rancent has designed and developed a complete line of HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, HDMI and DVI fiber optic transmitters and receivers to extend the connectivity of video, data and voice over one single fiber between television & broadcast station locations, as well as between multiple peripheral devices at those locations. Having provided transmission solutions to support broadcast connectivity in the past 15 years, we have a thorough understanding of the customer’s demanding requirements of simultaneous video with respect to maintaining the fidelity and integrity of the delivered content.

For contribution circuits, we offer HD-SDI transmission devices up to 3G in high definition television applications. Meantime, we also offer DVI and traditional baseband NTSC/PAL video transmission. For Pro AV applications, we are also able to support HDMI transmission as well as accompanying audio and control data. Besides, Rancent Industrial media converter and Ethernet switches are also actively involved in facilitating communication between live broadcast locations and television & broadcast stations.

Typical applications in broadcast industry include:

  • Live Video Broadcast from television cameras to stations (Newscast, Sports Events, Conferences, Concerts, Interviews, Annual Festivals)

  • Remote camera control from a mixing console desk to transmit live TV images

  • Multi-studio control and monitoring from master control station

  • Traffic camera access and control from control center in TV station

  • Multi-channel audio transmission from audio mixing console to broadcasting station

  • Satellite signal collection and transmission from outdoor devices to control room