Security and Surveillance Industry

As the ever-increasing violence and escalating threats become a global focus, deployment of security and surveillance systems to protect public and commercial spaces, critical facilities and infrastructures, transportation hubs and vulnerable zones is becoming a priority for both governments and private enterprises. In the face of these threats, new video surveillance and transmission technologies are integrated into the traditional analog CCTV system to provide improved performance in flexibility and scalability over previous standards.

For more than 15 years, Rancent has been a premier and trusted supplier for innovative, high-quality transmission products and solutions of video, audio data, contact closure and Ethernet for mission critical applications in the security and surveillance industry.

Rancent’s connectivity solutions include both the analog video transmission for traditional CCTV applications and the fiber optic Ethernet transmission for IP Surveillance. The traditional solution is focused on the point-to-point fiber optic transmission of video, audio, data and contact closure over multimode or singlemode fiber. And Rancent Ethernet network solutions cover a plethora of industrial media converters and network switches ranging from fast to gigabit Ethernet designed to transmit IP cameras and PTZs in tough environments.

For security and surveillance industry, the main applications include:

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Rancet video over fiber products can transmit up to 32-channel digitally encoded video with PTZ control data over one optical fiber. Rancent offers multiple model selections from normal analog video to high definite analog video including HD-CVI, HD-TVI and AHD. Rancent products are fully compatible with singlemode and multimode fiber and available in standalone and rack mountable versions. The main benefits to video over fiber include longer distances, immunity from EMI, RFI, Cross Talk and Video Distortion as well as high bandwidth to transmit multiple video feeds over a single optical fiber.

Access Controls and Fire Alarms

Rancent fiber optic data transmission products are designed to transport semi-duplex and full-duplex serial data including RS-485, RS-422 and RS-232 that is commonly used for many Access Control Systems. Products for these applications include serial data (RS-485/RS-422/RS-232) point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and self-healing ring transmission equipment. Also Rancent contact closure fiber link models provide transmission of the forward/reverse or bi-directional 1 to 32 channels of contact closure signals over one optical fiber. Applications include alarm event triggering, building automation, environmental control systems, fire & alarm systems, gate control, traffic signal control equipment, and more.

Intercom (two way) Audio

Rancent fiber optic audio transmission products transmit 1 to 32 channels of forward or bi-directional unbalanced/balanced line-level 24-bit digitally encoded audio over single optical fiber. The audio features always combine with simultaneous transmission of multiple video, data or contact closure. For a comprehensive review of the product lineup, please see the product catalog or feel free to contact us for any customized models.

Perimeter Protection

CCTV surveillance networks have been deployed globally in airports, logistics centers, military facilities, power plants and harbors to provide real-time visuals where a intrusion is detected by the perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS), which then directly notifies the Control Room, allowing dedicated operators to set up proper security measures against unwanted access, vandalism and theft. Rancent video and Ethernet transmission products have been used in conjunction with both analog and IP CCTV cameras to construct a complete surveillance solution. The models include video/data/contact closure transceivers, industrial media converters, POE switches, and more.

Ethernet Communication

Flexible and reliable Ethernet network products are essential and critical for any type of network infrastructures in today’s Ethernet-based security networks. Rancent IP fiber optic and Ethernet network products deliver the high-level performance that video surveillance applications demand. By offering very reliable, robust transmission systems, any long-distance transmission challenge can be easily overcome.

Rancent has a fully line of environmentally hardened Ethernet transmission equipment that includes 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Electrical to Optical Media Converters, Commercial-grade Ethernet Switches and Industrial-grade Ethernet switches with and without power over Ethernet (PoE). Housed in rugged DIN rail or wall mountable enclosures, all converters and switches are designed to comply with standards for free-fall, shock, and vibration and operate over an extreme temperature range, providing reliability in non-temperature controlled environments. The products also make use of customer-installed small form-factor pluggable (SFP) units (sold separately) for compatibility with a wide range of optical fibers, optical connector types, and optical transmission distances.

The switches are also designed with a wide power input range of 9 to 52 volts DC and a redundant power supply system to further enhance network flexibility in installation and reliability in operation. With an IP-44 rated enclosure, Rancent industrial Unmanaged or Managed Switches feature a high level of immunity against electromagnetic (EMI) and radio-frequency (RFI) interference typically found in industrial grade applications. These robust natures provide an ideal solution for critical infrastructure and traffic applications such as IP communication along motorways, or in subways, airports, and tunnels.