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Product Warranty Terms

Rancent Technologies warrants the products will be free of defects under normal use for a period of three years from the date of delivery. We reserve the final right to judge the faulty problem of the products. Rancent Technologies is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship. Any faulty products under normal use purchased within a period of 12-36 months are warranted a FREE repair service. Extra cost will be charged if product materials or refurbishment are required. Faulty products returned under warranty but are unable to be returned for repair or had been stopped producing, the customers could purchase identical model with similar specifications with 20~25% discount.

Liability Exclusive:
The following are not covered by Rancent Warranty Policy. We will charge by cases.

  • Defects under improper usage, including incorrect usage and installation, abnormal surface abrasion, circuit burnout, out of shape from extrusion, external intrusion, dampened, warranty labels or strip seals damaged, or removed even unable to be recognized.
  • Over 36 months warranty period.
  • Consumed materials and routine maintenance.
  • Hardware compatibility fails.
  • Un-anticipated natural calamity such as lighting strikes, fires, earthquakes, flood, etc.
  • Promotion products are not covered by Warranty Clauses, but products replaced while defects occurring under proper usage, or the products received within 3 months are acceptable.
  • Product exchanging and repairs are not acceptable for cases bought on customers’ behalf, and the wrong models order due to customers’factors.

Repair Coordination from Customers:

  • Description for the problem of defected products.
  • Serial Number and Models of defected products.

Rancent Technologies reserves the right of final interpretation and modification to the above items. All the warranty information stated above is subject to change without notice.

RMA Policy

Should you experience any defects with our products, please send us an e-mail to request a RMA form prior to returning the products.

  • A copy of Purchase Order/Proforma Invoice should be enclosed with the returning RMA request form.
  • A RMA number will be provided by our service team. This RMA number must accompany the product returned to Rancent. The RMA number should be displayed on the outside of the return packaging.
  • RMA numbers are valid for 30 days. A new RMA number must be applied if this RMA 30-day period expires.
  • The purchaser is to bear all delivery charges to the returning products.
  • All in-warranty defective items must have an RMA number and repairs are free of charge.
  • All out-of-warranty items to be repaired must have an RMA number. Charges will be applied and an invoice with chargeable items will be issued to the buyer.

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